There are many different reasons to start a therapy. Many need a crisis as motivation. Others want to understand themselves and grow as a person. A therapy helps you to achieve greater satisfaction and peace, helps you set clearer boundaries, helps you to reach a better quality of life and more freedom to be who you are!


Let's Work!

During our consultations we work to explore Your situation and issues. I offer You a safe environment and a lot of space. I listen carefully to You and ask questions that take us further towards Your actual aims and expectations. 


During our work together, Your awareness will increase. What are You feeling in each moment? What are You looking and longing for? What do You need to increase Your happiness and to grow as a person?


Far more than increasing Your awareness about Yourself in Your current situation, You will also be able to transform difficulties into new ressources. 

Psychotherapy for well being -Let's make things change
Psychotherapy for well being -Let's make things change

My Tool -Gestalt Therapy

My specialisation is called Gestalt therapy. It can be described as a client-centered therapy, which focuses on Your life situation and Your experiences here and now. It is centered around our dialogue. Contrary to what many people think, it hasn‘t got anything to do with painting or creative art work.


As a Gestalt therapist I see each individual as a beautiful wholeness of body, emotions, thoughts and mind. In many cases the individual pieces have lost contact with each other or lost their sense of meaning. One of the functions of Gestalt therapy is to increase Your awareness of these pieces and to transform and reintegrate them in order to become whole again. Many clients experience a feeling of inner growth during this process. 


Difficult or painful feelings are always welcome in our meeting. Every emotion is allowed to exist and to find an expression. But some feelings are so difficult that most people do their best to renounce and deny them. These feelings need to be approached with a lot of care and compassion. My empathy for You and the confidence in our contact are very important prerequisites for our work together.