Feedback from my Clients

Here you can read what clients have written about me on rating portals or as personal feedback (email).


Feedback in English

Couple, 20-30 yrs

‘This method of communication has shown us that we are both okay the way we are. We just need to listen to ourselves and each other. We have recommended you to all our friends, thank you very much.’


Couple, age 40-50 yrs

‘Many thanks for this valuable work. I never thought we could be so close and so good to each other. We are both very confident that we can continue the communication work you have taught us. Thank you very much!’


Female actress, age 40-50 yrs

‘It is because of you and your work that I got the strength to pull myself out of my mother's 10-year overload/abusive situation. I am infinitely grateful.’


Female economist, 30-40 yrs:

„I went for therapy with Lisa during 2 months as I had problems with anxiety and wanted to get rid of destructive thinking patterns that I had developed as a young. I have been in contact with therapists a couple of times earlier in life, but never really connected with the methods or the therapists due to various reasons. Lisa received me openly and without prejudice and I felt that she took my concerns seriously no matter how small they may have seem in the big picture. Through the sessions with Lisa, I learned how to deal with my anxiety and how to be more in control of how I let my self get affected by my environment. As a foreigner living in Munich, it was great to find a therapist that could provide therapy in other languages than German. Currently I feel good in life and I feel safe knowing that if things would change I could always go back to Lisa for support. I can warmly recommend Lisa Svensson."


 Female student of politics, 25 yrs 

"It was very helpful to work with someone who is trained in both psychotherapy and coaching. We ended up doing a mixture of both, which was very effective to me. I would highly recommend Lisa to any friends or acquaintances interested in coaching and/or therapy" 



Male engineer, 46 yrs 

"My sessions with Lisa were really valuable..." 



 Female dancing teacher, 42 yrs 

„We are also very happy to have you Lisa!!! You helped both me and a lot of people I know.“