Couple's Counseling, Coaching, Therapy and Training at Münchner Freiheit


Welcome to my wonderful world of change!


What is the best way to describe my success in working with clients? Imagine an empathetic, clear-sighted Buddhist and at the same time pragmatic Swede with exceptionally accurate methods and add to that very sound training and 15 years of professional experience. That's me!


Are you looking for change because something in your life is not (yet) complete? Congratulations - your journey begins here. Book a free get-to-know talk now! I am very much looking forward to getting to know you.


I see it as my most important mission in life to cultivate well-being and love in myself, in others and between people. Countless encounters with clients and my many years in Buddhist wisdom training have shown me the following: We humans are not separate from each other and we are not separate from the essential love and inner well-being that is our true essence. Unfortunately, however, we don't always find the connection to these inner resources and to other people. In those cases we need a little support from outside.


We don't just talk here. Here we work in a goal-orientated way to achieve the changes you want. Experience it for yourself, you won't regret it. You are very welcome!

"It was very helpful to work with someone who is trained in both psychotherapy and coaching. We ended up doing a mixture of both, which was very effective to me."


"Lisa is a very capable, level-headed, empathetic, extremely competent therapist, we can recommend her wholeheartedly."

Coaching for success in life and business


Do You need clarity, structure and growth in working or private life? Do You need courage, self-confidence or a new direction? Here is the right place for growth!

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Psychotherapy to find yourself and grow


Is there something in Your life that is bothering You? Maybe You feel down or anxious? Maybe You have a lack of meaning or feel confused? Do You want to find more joy, purpose and satisfaction? Do You want to understand yourself and achieve a sustainable change?

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Couple's counseling for a better relationship

Couple's Counseling

Statements such as: "Why didn't we come to you sooner?" or "We've put up with our difficulties for far too long" are very common in my couples' sessions. Many people don't realise that a couple can do a lot for a good, nurturing relationship. Start working on your relationship today, it's worth it! I will let you work constructively and give you helpful methods that you can implement at home to improve the quality of your relationship. It's usually easier than you think.

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I offer trainings, retreats and seminars in Munich, throughout Germany and Europe on the topics of relationships, communication, mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism. You can find the next training courses under Events.

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Therapy and Coaching for Children and Teens

Kids and Teens

Sometimes our young friends need a bit of support. Whether they face difficulties in family life, with friends or at school, I offer a competent accompaniment.

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Feedback from Clients

My clients are very satisfied with my work! Many of them have given me wonderful feedback.

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