Coaching is a solution- and goal-oriented accompaniment in the private or professional field. As a coach, I support You in finding Your own path and new approaches to reach Your full potential and performance. I will help You to open up for new possibilities.


Coaching for Courage

I will support You in Your responsible examination of Your situation. During this process, we strengthen Your self-confidence, give You courage for the future and desire for new challenges.

Coaching helps you develop more confidence and trust in yourself.
Coaching -are Your ready for a peak experience?

Professional and Life Coaching

These are a few areas in which our coaching can help you:

  • Finding new ways
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Use your full potential
  • Make your dreams come true
  • Communication training
  • Improving relationships
  • Find meaning in life
  • Find the right job
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Business coaching
  • Stress and burnout management
  • Overcome fears

Coaching with Home Work

It will do You good to be empowered and supported when we work with each other. Even more important to me is that You can integrate our work in Your everyday life. That is why I give You tools and exercises for You to practice between our sessions. In experimenting and practicing, You gain new insights experiences and realize that Your old patterns are not carved in stone. Change is possible!


Coaching for Your full Potential

In my coaching sessions I encourage you to search for your own answers and your own path. As a life and career coach (coach in the professional field) I act through my questions, support and challenges as a sparring and discussion partner. Through our work you can find what suits you and let go of unnecessary burdens that aren't  yours. This releases energy that allows you to reach your full potential and goals.


You already have incredible resources! Our joint work is to activate and strengthen these.


Who do I coach?

I work with people in all life stages and states. Here are a few categories of my clients:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Coaching for Parents
  • Coaching for adolescents
  • Coaching for Couples (see separate sub page here)