Couples Counseling

It is one of the greatest challenges in life to be with another person. Again and again, we trigger reactions in one another. Nobody can address Your unwanted, vulnerable sides as Your partner. A couple's counseling or therapy will help You to gain more understanding and develop a deeper relationship and a better communication.


Couples Counseling helps

It is not always easy to live in a close relationship. We want to give and receive understanding and love. But we also have to cooperate together in everyday life. Conflicts can arise that are difficult to solve, which in turn easily leads to misunderstandings and unclear communication. When children are involved, it can be particularly difficult to overcome this complex challenge.


Difficulties in relationships usually arise due to blockages in interaction and communication patterns, as well as difficulties in dealing with conflicts and differences. In this case, couples therapy can help. Living in a fulfilling partnership requires awareness, courage and honesty. Relationship is work. And this work can be very rewarding! 

Couple's counseling -let's get closer
Couple's counseling -let's get closer

Communication Training

Couples therapy is communication training! Many partners experience a sense of relief when they can talk to each other with help and support. As a couple's therapist, I offer the framework for a constructive conversation. It is imperative to allow both partners to express their honest thoughts and feelings.


It creates a new understanding of the needs of the other, which is a first step towards problem and conflict resolution.

You Saved our Relationship!

Our love and affection increase the more we experience from each others true feelings, thoughts and worries. Opening up for your partner can be very touching and healing. But it can also trigger deeper patterns of fear and vulnerability. 


My task as a couples counselor is to provide a neutral and competent support and moderation for couples. Together we search for the knot, for common denominators, for connection and for an honest encounter.


This creates moving moments of connection and astonishment ("we thought it would not be possible anymore").


It is a true gift to accompany couples on their way to each other. Whenever I hear the sentence: "Thank you so much, you saved our relationship", I am simply grateful for this wonderful profession.


Unite or Separate?

In some cases, our joint work is about finding out if you want to stay together or rather go separate ways. Many couples live a long time with this uncertainty. It can be perceived as a relief once the decision is made. But the way ahead is still long. Even during and after a separation, it is important to seek support in order to move away from each other in the best possible way. When children are in the picture, it is of particular importance to handle conflicts and difficulties as constructively as possible.