Couples Counseling

Are you here because you're thinking about your relationship? Congratulations! This could be the start of a very rewarding and enriching journey together. Most couples have spent far too long worrying before starting couples therapy. Don't wait any longer, start this rewarding work today!


Relationship Building Site

Research has shown that one of the most important factors in our happiness is our social relationships. However, it is not always easy to maintain close relationships. We want to give and receive understanding and love. But we also have to function together in everyday life and ‘trigger’ each other again and again. 

Couple's counseling -let's get closer
Couple's counseling -let's get closer

Wonderful Changeable Relationships

‘Why didn't we start earlier?’ I often hear this reaction in the first session. 

In the beginning, everything seems so easy and everything runs effortlessly. Over time, however, conflicts and unfavourable dynamics creep into a relationship. There is more distance, perhaps more avoidance or more open criticism. Very often closeness and sexuality suffer as a result.


Please don't wait too long! Get competent help to maintain and improve your relationship. With a little commitment and work, we can resolve the conflicts and unpleasant dynamics and transform them into understanding, love and lust. 

Relationship WORK Pays off

Just like for positive feelings in life, we also have to work for love, togetherness and intimacy. This doesn't always happen automatically. And it's worth working for a better quality relationship!


‘It doesn't work for us - we've tried so much and nothing has worked’, you might be thinking? I've heard this sentence from clients very often. My answer to this is: This is the beginning of truly targeted, efficient and transformative work that will give you new momentum and a fresh relationship. It's definitely worth trying it out!

Help for Self-Help

It is very important to me to give couples new strength and resources so that they can cultivate love and connection. Ideally, you shouldn't need our sessions longer than absolutely necessary. That's why we work intensively right from the start. 


I teach you new, practical methods for loving and enriching encounters in everyday life. Thanks to my many years of experience and expertise in the field of individual and couple's therapy, I am not afraid to address underlying, deep-seated patterns and obstacles if they stand in the way of an open, constructive attitude.

Communication Training

As a couples therapist and communication trainer, I offer the framework and guidance for a constructive dialogue and thus the most important foundation for a better relationship. Working on the basis of the so called non-violent communication is very effective in many ways:

  • learning a tool that you can implement at home
  • getting to know yourself and the other person better
  • learning and practising how to speak-out constructively 
  • learning to listen with understanding and connection
  • getting to know deeper patterns and unravel knots 

A new understanding of your own needs and those of the other person emerges. The healing of the relationship begins with this understanding.


You find my 1-day trainings in communication for couples here.

You Saved our Relationship!

Our love and affection increase the more we experience from each others true feelings, thoughts and worries. Opening up for your partner can be very touching and healing. But it can also trigger deeper patterns of fear and vulnerability. 


This creates moving moments of connection and astonishment (‘we thought it would not be possible anymore’).


It is a true gift to accompany couples on their way to each other. Whenever I hear the sentence: ‘Thank you so much, you saved our relationship’, I am simply grateful for this wonderful profession.

The Aim of Your Couples Coaching

Your goal with couples therapy may be to maintain or improve your relationship, resolve an ongoing conflict or imbalance, or work through hurts related to infidelity or other painful experiences. In the event of separation or divorce, it is important to reduce the negative consequences for all parties, including the children, and to facilitate an amicable and constructive separation.

My methods in couples therapy

In couples therapy, I use the following methods, among others:

* Counselling and moderation in conflicts

* Non-violent communication (Rosenberg)

* Gestalt therapy for couples and families

* Systemic couple and family therapy

* Family sculpture

* Sex therapy methods

* The dialogue

* Buddhist healing methods

* Self-compassion for couples

* The five languages of love

"Many thanks again. The sessions really had a great and immediate impact. I am very grateful for the help you offer us both to understand each other better and to better address our respective needs" 


"Thank you so much, you saved our marriage!"


"Thanks to your help, we now deal with our conflicts and with each other in a completely different way"