About me

I am a Swedish therapist and coach who has fallen in love with Germany. My new (since 2004) home is in Munich, Schwabing, where I live with my German husband and three children.


"A fresh, nordic breeze", "Pippi Longstocking qualities" or "viking blood" ... This is how some of my clients describe me. My creative, humorous and sometimes non-everyday perspective enrich my private as well as my professional life. This clarity and straightforward approach act as a supportive driving force that helps my clients to engage in deep, difficult topics.


My Buddhist wisdom training has given me a very good and differentiated understanding of the human mind. This Buddhist path and my practice of meditation have taught me that the basic state of every human being is happiness (in terms of contentment / peace / vitality / clarity). This knowledge of our happy, inner core helps me in my work with clients, especially in moments when someone can feel nothing or only fragments of this natural inner happiness.




Born in 1974 in Sweden. In Germany since 2004. 


Married, three children.


Registered Pharmacist in Sweden and Germany. University of Uppsala, Sweden (MSc Pharm.). 


German Degree of  “Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie” (alternative practitioner specialised in psychotherapy).


Gestalt therapist certification following a 4-year educational program with Dr. med. Barbara Staemmler, Würzburg, Germany.


Educations in Systemic Couple's and Family therapy as well as sexual therapy at the MiSIT institute in Munich.


Certified therapist in the method "Feeding Your Own Demons", a Method for solving and transforming inner conflicts developed by Lama Tsültrim Allione.


Buddhist wisdom training, "Kapala" level 1, 2 and 3 (Lama Tsültrim Allione, Colorado, USA)


Work experience in Sweden, Germany, England, Zanzibar and South Africa in psychotherapy, pharmacies, clinical research and poison control centers.


Regular supervision, training and retreats in coaching, couples counseling, gestalt therapy, mindfulness and buddhist meditations and healing methods. 


How I work

I love my profession!

It is a precious reward to work with unfolding people. Everyone is unique. Everyone has a potential to grow. Everyone can find the way to joy and fulfillment. To accompany my clients on their path is a great blessing.


To me every human being is unique. Therefore I offer no standard solutions. Rather I focus on Your situation and support You in finding Your own way of growth. 


Even if you are in a deep, serious crisis, I always focus on Your resources and Your immeasurable potential.


In this open, creative and honest encounter, clarity and power will emerge.


New paths will open up.


You will find back to more energy, joy and contentment.


In many cases this happens even easier and faster than expected.