Buddhist Methods

In todays society the pace is high and the demands on us are enormous. Many people have lost touch with themselves, focusing more outwards than on their own true feelings and needs. Buddhist methods connect us with ourselves again. This provides a useful help against stress, anxiety and depression and increases our quality of life.



Svensson Coaching & Therapy teaches mindfulness practice and meditation as part of our counseling sessions or as separate teachings. Mindfulness practices increase your well being and helps against stress, anxiety and burnout.
Meditation-the most common mindfulness practice

Medical research shows impressing results against stress, anxiety and depression when practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is the attentive awareness of the present moment. The aim is to open us up to the present situation, being aware in each moment with an accepting mind. 


What we resist persists, or even amplifies. What we feel -we can heal!


This way of drawing our attentive awareness towards ourselves helps us in stressful situations, teaches us to live up to our true needs, leading to greater satisfaction and quality of life. It takes some motivation and training but the results are wonderful and rewarding!


I teach mindfulness either as a separate training or as a part of our coaching or therapy.


"It's a life's work and it is for life that we do it". (Jon Kabat-Zinn)


Self Compassion

Self-compassion: What a wonderful method to work with! How rewarding and efficient!


Self-compassion turns your inner critic into a friend. Svensson Coaching & Therapy teaches Self-compassion as a part of our counseling sessions or as separate trainings.
Practice self-compassion and grow as a person

This relatively new aspect of mindfulness is beginning to pave the way in the field of psychology. The many research studies on self-compassion show clear results: "Self-compassion protects against burnout and depression, enhances Your health and improves Your relationships.


Self-compassion has nothing to do with self-pity, weakness or selfishness. Rather, it gives us opportunity to support and motivate ourselves in difficult situations. It enables us to meet our self-criticism and insecurities with an open, caring heart, encouraging us to appreciate and enjoy the moment.


It is part of the human experience not always to meet up to our own (mostly unreasonable) standards, to suffer or to feel bad. Self-compassion gives You the support and kindness that You would give to a good friend in these situations.


Self-compassion is an obvious and important component in my daily work with my clients. It is a true reward to see my clients starting to grow and nourish themselves in a new way.


Feeding your own Demons

The name of this method can be misleading. It has nothing to do with scary beings or demons in the classical sense. The own "demons" are our difficult sides, our entangled patterns and fears.


These difficulties are nothing more than a misguided energy, which can only be transformed if we face it instead of repressing it. By opening up to these problems, a change can take place.


I am very grateful to work with this method from Tsültrim Allione. It has helped me and so many others in different life situations. Countless times I have been able to transform anger, sadness, insecurities and fears. 30 minutes of work and the narrowness has turned into a true, lasting expanse and peace! Many clients who have nothing to do with Buddhism or meditation are also amazed by the ease and depth of this process.



Chöd is a traditional healing practice that originates from a female yogini, Machig Labdrön, who lived in Tibet in the 11th century. It is a Buddhist practice from the Vajrayana Buddhism with some components of shamanism (from the Bön tradition in Tibet).


In the Chöd of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche problems and difficulties are "nourished" to pacify them. From this ancient Tibetan practice, Tsültrim Allione developed the Method "Feeding Your Own Demons" which is described above. The traditional practice is performed with a Chöd drum, bell, "bone trumpet" (kangling) and singing. It is for many people a very powerful and transformative practice.


The practice is done only by practitioners who have received a detailed training and energy transmission from a certified teacher. Non-practicing people can receive the healing energy while lying down in relaxation.