Online Coaching / Online Therapy

The online sessions have proved to be very effective and appreciated, thanks to the highly developed technology of today! I prefer meeting over Zoom because of the outstanding quality and increased security.


1. Before we start our session You should prepare Your working place. Make sure that You feel safe and won't be disturbed. Please turn off Your mobile or door bell. 


2. Set up the light in the room so that Your face is not shaded, but (pleasantly) illuminated.


3. Given that your body language and breathing pattern is important to me, I want to see Your upper body (from your navel and up).


4. Sometimes we use a method in which You move between two chairs facing each other. In this case I need to see You on both chairs. 



In some rare cases it may happen that the technology fails and our connection is interrupted. I would then call You to close up our session and make a new appointment. In case of technical disturbances I will only invoice the time we have been able to work together.