Coaching, Therapy and Mindfulness in Schwabing and online

Welcome to Svensson Coaching & Therapy. Here You will learn how coaching and therapy can help You feel better.


You will learn why homework is an important part of our work.


You will learn how You can benefit from my swedish qualities and my buddhist background.


You will see how new paths open up with more energy, joy and satisfaction.


Do You sense the fresh Swedish breeze?


-Then have a closer look! Welcome to Svensson Coaching & Therapy!




Do You need clarity, structure and tips in a specific situation? Do You need courage, self-confidence or a new direction?

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Do You want to deal with Your situation on a deeper level? Do You want to achieve a sustainable change?

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For Couples

Many difficulties in Your relationship can be solved through a few sessions of counseling.

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Do You want to learn how to relax and deal better with stress? Do You want to connect with Your inner core and perceive Your signals more clearly? 

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Online Coaching / Therapy

Coaching and psychotherapy also works well online! My years of experience with online meetings has shown that it is a very valuable alternative to the face-to-face sessions. Try it out!

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Feedback from Clients

My clients are very satisfied with my work! Many of them have given me wonderful feedback.

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