Coaching and therapy for teenagers

I have always had a good connection with the adolescents in my practice. Most are relieved to talk to an outside specialist about their difficulties and issues. With a lot of humor, clarity and ease I explore the core of the topic and find ways to a better quality of life. 

Coaching for self-esteem

Most teenagers come to me with the following questions and assignments:

  • Self-discovery -Who am I? What can I?
  • Relationship issues
  • Puberty issues
  • Self-esteem
  • Communication training
  • Find the career path
  • School problems
  • Learning difficulties
  • Test anxiety
  • Depression and fears
  • Coping with stress
  • Conflicts in the family
  • Coping with separation

Strengthening the teens

In our work, I approach every client and create an individual work concept. Most important in our work is mutual trust. Only those who feel well cared for can also talk openly about their own situation.


Often my most important task is the discovery and strengthening of the self-esteem. The finding of one's own strengths and resources as well as the change of perspective (instead of "how do the others see me", "what do I want and need?") Is often discussed and practiced.


If necessary, and if the young client agrees, the parents or the entire family will be involved in our work. If needed and asked for I cooperate with the professionals at school. 


The work with the young people (as with all my clients) is carried out in strict compliance with secrecy. I also insist on this right towards the parents.

"She is calmer now, more peaceful. It does her and also myself so good."


"I'm so happy she is feeling better now and that we have found you to help us."


"You are fantastic! Thank you!"